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I'm a specialist marine photographer based in Wiltshire, located within easy reach of the south coast and popular sailing venues including North Wales and the Lake District.   

I've been sailing for over a decade and use this experience to capture the best moments of your event.  These aren't any old  pictures of boats! I like to get stuck right in to the action and capture racing up close and personal.

You'l also find a number of Motorsport images across my website. Though often stuck the wrong side of the fence, I aim to produce unique and innovative images. 

Perhaps it is under appreciated that the best pictures can actually emerge from the worst conditions. I'm not one to shy away from the cold and dark or wet and windy. The challenge is enjoyable and often incredibly rewarding.

If you've seen something you like and would like me to shoot your event; be it sporting, social or otherwise, do not hesitate to contact me using the button below. 

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